Here are some of the education outreach videos that I created or participated in.

This is a long interview I did on geospatial technology for the Geospatial Technology Center at Del Mar College. i was part of the NSF funded iGETT (Integrated Geospatial Education and Technology Training) cohort.This is a video album of my favorite aviation photos.

This video was taken at the Miramar Air Show. I met the crew of the NATO AWACS and got a behind the scenes tour of the AWACS.

AWACS Wing Walker from psyan on Vimeo.

Warbirds Video from psyan on Vimeo.
Vector Warbirds
This video will give you a good look at the awesome Nanchang (desert colors). I am a back-seater in this aircraft (but recently started transitioning to the front seat!) Most of the video and pictures were shot by me including all the scenes from the backseat. It’s not easy holding the camera steady when pulling G’s after a low pass. Listen closely and you’ll hear the big 9 cylinder radial engine. For more information visit

Balloon Launch from psyan on Vimeo.
Here is a video of a high altitude balloon launch. The South Mountain students had to put together a 1 pound payload with instruments to measure temperature, pressure, and a camera for pictures. The balloon reached an altitude of 92,000 ft.

Weather Girl! from psyan on Vimeo.
How’s the Weather?
When I was at the Women in Aviation International Conference, I got hoodwinked into being a weather girl at the King Studio. The Kings create aviation educational material. I was told by John King that I was the best he’d seen!

My best friend Diana will eat anything. That’s just one of many reasons why she is so great to travel with. During our South American jaunt we stopped in the Peruvian Rain Forest where Diana put her survival 101 skills to use. I entered this video in a contest but only took second place ;-(!