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I just returned from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. I attended the Mission Aircrew School (MAS) Intermediate Pilot & Observer track. My goal was to successfully complete observer training and to gain my wings. The week was extremely challenging but also very rewarding. On July 30, 2011 I graduated with my wings. Here is a video of my instructor Lt.Col. Malcolm Dickinson putting on my wings.

I was a CAP cadet back in the mid-1980’s. All I wanted to do was fly for the military but unfortunately I also got glasses during that same time period. Attending NESA felt like going to military pilot training. I lived in the barracks at Camp Atterbury, I ate my meals at designated times, and I prepared/trained everyday for my upcoming missions. During my training I learned how to prepare for different types of searches, I learned how to navigate using GPS, VOR’s, DME, etc, and I learned to run the communication systems. I flew all my missions in a Cessna 182.


At graduation I received the honor of being named Distinguished Graduate for the Intermediate Observers. Below is the coin I received. This honor makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I would have made an excellent navigator in the Air Force (LOL).


I am thankful for this honor and I want to recognize the people who helped me achieve it. Below is my awesome instructor Lt. Col. Malcolm Dickinson, and my pilot Lt. Joe Mosher. My best friend at camp was Lt. Mary Ann Teschan who made everyday fun.




The Commandant: Major Eric Templeton

Intermediate MAS Curriculum Director: Col. Mark Reeves

Being a part of CAP has allowed me to not only give back to my country by preparing myself to be ready during an emergency, it has also enabled me to learn new skills, travel, fly, and make long lasting friendships. Here are some photos from my week at NESA.




IMG_7235 IMG_7236





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  1. Sian, this is an awesome update and answers all my questions. Congratulations, once again.

  2. Hi Sian,

    What and experience ? I am so happy for you.


  3. It was a joy meeting you and working with you. You deserved to be Honor Graduate. Take Care Out there in the wild wild west. 🙂

  4. Ehm! Captain! Maam! That bed was not made according to regulations.

    (Can’t wait to hear the stories!)

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