Cambodian Cooking Class

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Today I went to a Cambodian cooking class in Siem Reap at the Tigre De Papier Restaurant. Here is Donna giving you a video recap:


Donna and I went to a Thai cooking class just a few days ago in Koh Chang so we were eager to compare the similarities and differences between the two.

We were given a menu and told to choose 1 appetizer and 1 main dish. I decided to make a fish soup and a noodle dish with chicken. Donna opted to make pork spring rolls and basil chicken stir fry.

We headed to the local market to learn about the local food & spices. Our chef and guide Savoeun showed us the ingredients for our dishes and more.


I always enjoy walking through the local markets because of all the colors and smells. The market women are always fun to photograph.


After buying some tea for my mom and spices for friends we headed to our rooftop kitchen. Once again, because if is low season, Donna and I had our own private class.


First I chopped and organized all my ingredients for my soup. It had lemongrass, kafir lime leaf, onion, mushroom, tomato, garlic, galangal root, and lime.


My soup had monkfish which is a white fish. Here is what it looks like fresh at the market. Yes, these guys are still alive!


I sliced my monkfish into rather thin slices.


I added all my ingredients (not all at the same time) into some fish stock and the final result was hot and sour fish soup (but not too spicy).


Meanwhile Donna made pork spring rolls. It was cool learning how to use rice paper and to roll everything up.



Next it was all about making my stir fried noodles with chicken. I had cauliflower, onion, green onion, carrot, garlic, and noodles.


The end result was a beautiful fried noodle dish with chicken.


Meanwhile Donna cooked up a basil chicken stir fry.


In the end we had 4 great dishes!


Of course we can’t forget dessert. Chef Savoeun helped us make a pumpkin custard. We used a small hallowed out pumpkin, filled it with our egg, sugar custard filling, and then steamed it to perfection.


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  1. Pumpkin custard! It has to of my most favorite items for desert in it. I hope you watched it carefully as I want that for my birthday. Pictures are so colorful and yummy. Thank you so much!

  2. Oh I have questions. Did you learn how to make the carrots look fancy and did you have to kill and clean the fish yourself? BTW video you mention above ended up on the first cooking class page I think.

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