Cambodia 2011

May 30th, 2011 | By | Category: Current Topics of Interest, Travel Adventures

This is for my mom, aunt Dottie, and friends like Dee, so they can follow my adventures (Hi to you all!). I am having a great time in Cambodia. My phone doesn’t enable me to do a full blog on my trip but I will post more pictures and videos when I get home. Here’s a little bit about what I’ve been up to.


We arrived in the Capitol city Phnom Penh (above is a view from the airplane) and visited Wat Phnom. This is where the city was first founded. The park has a temple at the top but along the way you get visited by monkeys of all ages.




I am currently on the western border on the Tai Tai river staying at a place called the 4 Rivers Eco Lodge. It is beautiful here. We are staying in a floating cabana like structures and I’m loving every moment.



My friend Donna and I took a boat ride up the Tai Tai River to visit these beautiful waterfalls. It was the highlight of our stay at 4 Rivers.


The food at 4 Rivers was also amazing. We had a 3 course meal every night. Here are some food pics. The lighting was very good for pictures but I think you’ll still get an idea of how wonderful it all tasted.





Now we are off on an excursion to Koh Chang Island, Thailand. See the next post for more details!


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  1. Ruby firefly is the best.. The purple color in the sky, that is created by the sky itself. When I was younger the rainbows were in black and white. This is special.. Thanks for the photo.

  2. I love love love the pictures. The shot from the airplane is wonderful. Food looks great. the problem with good hotel rooms that they create conflict in me to whether to stay in and enjoy all the amenities or sacrifice and go out and enjoy the country. Is the food as spicy as they say it is?

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