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This year I am on sabbatical from my work. Instead of teaching I will be doing two internships. The first internship starts next week and is at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institution. I will spend 8 weeks there taking classes and working on the science of disasters.

Check out the website for EMI: http://training.fema.gov/EMI/

When I return to Phoenix in late October I will do an 8 week internship with the Arizona Department of Emergency Management.

This will give me a good understanding of how we deal with disasters on both a national and state level. I will use this information to add a preparedness section to my disasters class. I currently teach people how, why, and where disasters occur but I don’t teach them what to do before, during, and after a disaster. My goal is to be able to provide that component after my sabbatical is done.

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  1. I predict a full classroom. Welcome back to the States!

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