Portugal 2012

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After I finished the Camino de Santiago I took the train to Porto and then on to Lisbon. I loved Portugal. I actually don’t have time to do a cool write-up for Portugal because of my travel. So I’m posting pictures only and the three things I want you to know about Portugal are: 1. When I crossed the boarder from Spain I was blown away by the increase in diversity. Portugal is way more diverse across the country and it was apparent right away. 2. With diversity comes rich cuisine. The food was so much better in Portugal. I liked Spain and its food but some of my best meals were in Portugal (see images). 3. I know this sounds American but everyone in Portugal spoke English. In Spain hardly anyone did so I was expecting the same. The Portuguese people just looked at me like I was crazy (mainly because I kept trying to speak Spanish to them) and then they would start speaking English to me.

In the end, Portugal is worth visiting. I truly loved it. Porto was awesome. I think a lot of people don’t put Portugal at the top of the travel list. I didn’t. It was an afterthought to Spain. I say change that. The most fun I had was surfing for the first time. I had two lessons, one in the morning and the other in the evening. It was terrific. I couldn’t stand up for long, but I did stand up. We had 3-5 foot waves and it was so much fun battling the sea. I can’t wait to try surfing again.

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  1. That’s it? No pictures of the sea or the food!?

  2. Ya, I know Dee. I ran out of time before going to FEMA to do a proper post. But here are pics for you and my mom. LOL

  3. Thanks Si! Love the surfing pictures. Sounds like Portugal is the best kept secret. Food looks delicious.

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