Camino de Santiago 27

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Something I didn’t expect about the Camino was the level of openness. Everyone is walking the Camino for a reason whether they know it or not and one way to gain insight into your quest is through the connections you make along the way.


I am generally a guarded individual. The only people I like to share information with are my closest friends.


I knew before I started the Camino that I was going to write. I just didn’t know what. My first thoughts were to do a food travelogue. But that just didn’t feel right.


Then I thought about writing a novel while in the moment of travel. The pictures and locations would be real, some of the encounters true, but the main story would be fiction. Made up along the way.


I figured my friends would have a great time trying to figure out which bits were true and which were false. I even started the novel on the plane ride over.


But when I started the Camino I knew relatively quickly that what I would write about was my emotional and spiritual awakening along the way.


Now this huge fore me. My website is public. Anyone can access it. I’ve applied for the NASA astronaut program again and I’m still waiting to here back from them. And here I am being open in ways I never imagined. Being exposed and vulnerable.


But I think that’s what the Camino wanted to teach me. It wanted me to lower my guard, take away the fear, expose me to myself.


I found myself having conversations with people I just met. Deep and philosophical conversations about life, love, happiness, self-awareness, feelings, etc.


There was certainly a reason why I was there interacting with certain individuals at that exact moment in time.


If I took the time, and was open, I was rewarded with nuggets of insight for my own growth and development.


I am still amazed by the variety of individuals, conversations, and insight I encountered on this journey. It’s certainly difficult to put it into meaningful words.


In the end I realize that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to being open and approachable and so much to gain.


I’m not sure how much of this will translate into my real world. The world I go back to in a week.


I know I am not the same person I was before the Camino. I can feel that in my heart and soul. But transition is a continuous process. I am on a life journey, not just a pilgrimage across northern Spain.


I now see the value of that life journey in a new way and I’m excited about it. I don’t mind change and now I don’t mind openness.


So I give you pictures of sunrises and sunsets along the Camino.


Sunrises represent the breaking down and new beginnings, new opportunities, new challenges, and insights.


It represents all the hope and beauty that the future represents. It’s gold.


The sunsets represent change, transition, release, and acceptance.


Above is my last sunset in Spain and on the Camino. It is time for me to accept what was given to me and to move on. Now I look forward to tomorrow and what the breaking dawn brings.

Day 28: For the love of food

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  1. Hi Sian,

    Just enjoying all the beautiful pictures. Sound like you realy into yourself
    and nature.Surprise that you are going to try NASA again,but if makes you
    happy then go for it.
    I had a great with Langley,Caroline and Benjamin.
    Its good to be home after 14 day’s away.

    Love You

  2. It sounds like you had a lot of time to think about what is important to you. Good luck with reaching all your goals.

  3. Hi Si..

    I love the sunrises and sunsets….what a wonderful spiritual journey!


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