Camino de Santiago 26

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One of the most interesting things I experienced on the Camino was pace. Everyone has one.


My pace has always been fast. Not sure why. Maybe because I am a futurist and I’m always looking, thinking, and moving ahead.


On the Camino I thought a lot about pace. Not just on this journey, but also through life.


My father died young. He was only 49. I’ve always wondered if I would out live my father’s life.


I know that sounds silly because the statistics are all in my favor. But what if? What if I die young? Will I have had enough time to accomplish everything I’ve always wanted to do? Will I leave with regrets? Does it matter?


On the Camino I have come to three simple conclusion. 1. My pace is set. I tried adjusting it. Slowing it down. But I couldn’t. Maybe it takes more time. I don’t know. But I accept it.


2. It’s hard to be at other peoples pace, both on the Camino and in life. When you meet someone you want to journey with, someone in the group sets the pace. Sometimes it just clicks and it’s easy breezy keeping pace. Other times it’s like oil and water. You struggle to adjust and you have to decide if it, are they, worth it.


3. I have some regrets in life, but they are few. I’m happy with who I am and what I have done. I’m not completely at peace with my accomplishments and legacy but I know I am moving in the right direction.


My conversations with other pilgrims, listening to the power of now, and my own self reflections have helped me to gain a new perspective on my life.


So I’m no longer worried about out living my father or how much time my life journey will have. I think of the lyric from the Band Perry song If I Die YoungI’ve had just enough time!

We all have a pace in life, learning to live with your pace and the amount of time it gives you, is important. The Camino helped me find and accept my pace.

Day 27: Openness

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