Camino de Santiago 25

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I want to start off day 25 by acknowledging the real hero of my journey and that is my feet.


I have asked a lot of them over the past month and they’ve responded well. Not a single blister! Now I’ve seen some jacked-up feet along the way. Some people have so many blisters I don’t know how they are walking.


I met a polish girl walking with her brother and they have a saying, “the number of blisters you get on your pilgrimage is equal to your number of sins.” I can live with that. 😉 Her brother had 12 blisters.


Now I know that the right pair of shoes can make a big difference. I tried on numerous boots, light hikers, and trail runners before finding the perfect shoe.

My advise if you ever do the Camino, take sneakers or trail runners. You don’t need hiking boots. You want something light and breathable. A lot of people are wearing their sandals because they had too much trouble with their shoes.


I asked a girl if the sandals bothered her and she said no. She could finally walk without pain.

My shoes are Vasque Mindbinders and after 700km they are trashed – mainly from all the dirt. I will be throwing them out and ordering a new pair when I get home.


I have seen all kinds of people walking the Camino. I mean anyone can do it. I’ve seen old, young, kids, couples, families, siblings, best friends, church groups, school groups, solo, and even a baby on a guys back.




The Camino is all access. All it takes is desire and will power. I stayed a night in an alburgue with a mom and her three boys probably age 10 – 15. I thought to myself there is no way I could do this with three kids in tow. But there she was, making it work.



There are three things that I think all the pilgrims I’ve seen and met have. 1. An adventurous spirit. 2. A desire to do something or experience something that is bigger than themselves. And 3. Persistence.




I’ve met or seen people who are recovering stroke victims. I even passed a guy with one leg. The Camino doesn’t care if you are disabled, if you are out of shape, if you are depressed, or any hardships you have, it only asks you to try. If you try to walk the Camino, you might not finish, but you will be rewarded for your efforts in ways you can’t imagine.




So my message to those of you reading my blog is: just do it! You won’t regret it.

Day 26: Pace

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  1. Thank you for the shoe advice. I think at the end of your journey, it would be great if you can give us the list of products that you recommend and not recommend. I for one am curious of uour solar charger. Have you used it yet? Also socks and the outfits. Thank you for taking us along with your journey!

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