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Apr 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Photography

Curly Hair

The photo above is my natural hair. For most of my life I got my hair chemically straightened and never knew my natural hair was actually kinda nice. Hard to believe…but true. Now that I have had curly hair for about 5 years I wanted to compare it to the straight hair I use to have. Below is my hair straightened. Once you chemically straighten your hair it is permanent. Only my new growth is in its natural form.

Me and Loiosh 1

** Update: I cut my hair really short but I still wear it in it’s curly state.
Sian Proctor 2

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  1. Brilliant! I could do photo a month…but this daily stuff that @nooccar and @cogdog do is crazy!

  2. Have you seen Debra Glasper’s digital story called “Lockers” about her natural hair? It’s awesome! It’s not online, but I have a copy on DVD if you ever want to see.

    Your natural is BEAUTIFUL! I was thinking that tonight sitting across the table from you. 😀

  3. Curly is HOTT!!! Congrats on all of your success. I was Googling “Flight Directors” and “Glide slope” indicators for a DC9 and ran across your page. I am a Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor and resently returned to school to finish my BS Technology Management Eastern Michigan University (1 Capstone and 3 classes remaining) then its off to GRAD SCHOOL!!! I would like to say “You inspire me”. Thank you, More than best of luck to you! More than congrats! WOW! It is hard to explain to some about embrassing life and you have put the meaning back into “reaching for the stars”.

  4. Ooh, your natural hair looks nice! Your hair during Fall 09 was super short, and your hair like this looks a lot better. 🙂

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