Camino de Santiago 13

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Today was an interesting day. I was alone for 99% of it and it gave me time to listen to some music and to think about my family. I have a great family. I am the youngest of four. My dad was a scientist and my mom stayed at home making sure I didn’t get into too much trouble.


As my music plays day-by-day, I have to thank them for the wide variety of musical taste I now possess. My father was all about classical music. He had specific music he would play during the holidays and on special family occasions. He loved Tchaikovsky violin concerto.

I wonder if I’d have an appreciation for classical music if it weren’t for him.


As a kid, my mom always had music playing in the house. Everything from the Beatles to Motown. When I hear certain songs, it takes me back to those moments long ago, when I would run through the house hearing my moms music. She lived in Harlem before meeting my dad and has stories about the different musical artist who lived in her building. On my iPod I have Wilson Picket, Ray Charles, Ottis Redding, Tina Turner, B.B. King, the Beatles, Blues Bothers, and many more artists thanks to my mom.


I have my iPod on shuffle as I walk the fields of Spain and I never know what type of music will pop up next. Some of the music brings old memories or feelings to the surface. Songs that make me think of my dad, brother, or friends. Sometimes a song reminds me of a trip. Some of the songs I hear, like The Climb and Fields of Gold, now belong to Spain.


There is one person who has had the most musical influence over me and that is my brother Langley. Langley is the oldest sibling. He is 6.5 years older than me. Even though there is a large gap in age, we are still very close. He schooled my musical tastes early. My love of classic rock (Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Who, Supertramp, The Cars, Earth, Wind & Fire), are all a result of my brother. So I was thinking, as I walked, what song would I dedicate to my brother if I could choose just one. This was really hard because I love all the bands I listed. But I decided to go with my favorite Supertramp song Hide in Your Shell.

Thanks Langley! I hope (hint hint) that we will one day go to a concert together. Maybe Peter Gabriel or, even better, Genesis.


My best friend Diana has also played a big part in my musical tastes. She would keep me hip by creating music CD’s full of the newest dance, rap, and top 40 artist. I’m convinced she has more black in her then me! I have a whole iPod section labeled Diana. We’ve also traveled the world together listening to music (Australia – Destiny’s Child, China – dancing as we walked the great wall, Scotland – hiking the Isle of Sky). So for my best friend Diana I listened to Green Day Time of Your Life as I walk the Camino alone wishing you could have joined me.


Is there someone who has influenced your musical tastes? If, so, please tell me below and list the song/artist.

Or if you could dedicate a song to someone, what song would it be and to whom would you dedicate it?


There are a few things in life you can’t choose: when you are born, where you are born, and who you are born to. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot in all three areas. I find it amazing that in today’s world all my siblings turned out to be good, thoughtful, hard working, productive, sensitive, mentally stable, individuals. You would think 1 out of the 4 would be just a little, well…off. I guess that’s me. I’m the black sheep of the family. The eccentric aunt who travels the world and does reality tv. Chuckle 😉

But to my family, I thanks you for being so wonderful.

Here are some more photos as I traveled to Carrion de Los Condes.


















Day 15: Gold

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  1. Your photos are stunning. I enjoy the way you’ve woven them into the discourse of reflection. I most especially am taken in by the photos of your shadow preceding you on the Camino. Would make a nice grouping of pix, I think.

  2. Sian, I know it is more than a year later but I’m just now reading your belong on the Camino. I have Camino fever and am reading anything and everything I can find on the Camino.
    I would have to say that the people who influenced my musical taste the most were my Grandfather and his brothers, Father and my youngest sister. I grew up listening to DinahWashington, Gayle Garnett, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Chet Atkins among the many on my dad’s Hi-Fi turn table every Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church. My Father would be inthe kitchen making us pancakes, one of his specialties, for us while my mother got us and herself ready.
    My youngest sister (I’m the oldest of 5 kids, 4 girls, 1boy) introduced me to Bonnie Raitt, Nanci Griffith, Mary Chapin Carpenter, etc.
    I remember going to my great uncles house in downtown Philadelphia where my grandfather and his brothers would gather. They all played some instrument- guitar, banjo, accordion, trumpet ……. They would play, sing, tell jokes and of course drink some beers. Though them I heard many of the popular songs from the 20s, 30s, and 40s along with the big band music from that era. It was an awesome introduction to music for a kid.
    My recent finds are Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Mumford and Sons, Phillip Phillips, and the Canadian Tenors….
    I have a ways to go before my Camino in the fall of 2014 but am walking it varcriously through you and the other Camino bloggers until then.
    Thanks for sharing your walk with me. Buen Camino

  3. Thanks Karen! I appreciate your email and love of music. I wish all the best as your work toward your Camino. I am currently on another type of Camino – this time to Mars. I am just finishing up a 4 month Mars analogue: I wish you all the best.

    Buen Camino!

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