The Camino de Santiago 2012

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Here are the pages for my Camino de Santiago trip. It is a 500 miles walk (pilgrimage) across northern Spain.


I started my journey on June 25, 2012 from Pamplona, Spain. I estimated 30 days to reach Santiago de la Compostella. To read a blog page, just click on the day.

Day 1: Shall we begin?
Day 2: Feeling Good!
Day 3: Mi Amigos
Day 4: Solo…
Day 5: Who am I?
Day 6: If I were a rock
Day 7: Affirmation
Day 8: Onward
Day 9: A change in scenery
Day 10: Community
Day 11: Larry Bird
Day 12: One Step Closer
Day 13: Music of the Soul
Day 14:
Day 15: Gold
Day 16: Religion and Faith
Day 17: Ways I Will Never Know
Day 18: Camino Lottery
Day 19: Another day on the way
Day 20: Cheap
Day 21: Lazy Day
Day 22: Tribute
Day 23: Friendship
Day 24: Statues
Day 25: Just Do It!
Day 26: Pace
Day 27: Openness
Day 28: For the love of food
Day 29: The People
Day 30: Just a memory

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  1. I want to thank all my friends and family who made comments along the way as I posted. Thanks for all the terrific support! Make sure you follow my Mars adventure next spring. I will be doing a weekly blog about the habitat, our cooking, and the research.


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