Camino de Santiago 2

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Hello again everyone,

Surprisingly, there seems to be wifi at the establishments I’ve chosen so far. My friend Biray asked how long I can go on a charge. Luckily there has been electricity at these places but very limited. I am currently sleeping in a room with 16 other individuals and there are two outlets. Needless to say that the charging line is long. I purchased a solar charger that is in my backpack. I haven’t used it yet but I may need to break it out soon. This is the view from the bunk I’m currently writing from.


It’s been a long day so I will apologize if I don’t finish this tonight. The alburgue closes the doors at 10:00 and it’s 10:02. I don’t know how long they will leave the lights on.

So, how did today go? Let’s go back to this morning. I slept relatively well with my silicon ear plugs. Dang, I just realized I don’t have them up here with me and I’ll have to climb out of my bunk. I will be right back!


Ok, I am all set for the night. This is probably more information then you needed/wanted but these are my earplugs and mouth guard. The ear plugs are for me to avoid hearing people snore. I am a light sleeper so anything I can do to cut down on the noise will be good. The mouth piece is because I clinch my teeth at night. Clearly I have way too much stress in my life. These are two essentials along with my hair net. Yes, I wear a hair net at night. Don’t worry, it’s a black thing. This will keep my hair from becoming a fro by morning allowing me to get up and go without having to wet my hair. On the camino it is easier to take a shower when you arrive at your place of stay so that you can get up and go without much fuss in the morning. Oh no, the girl below me has just begun to snore!

So, my second day began at 7am. I was hiking another 21.9 km (13.6 miles) from Puente la Reina to Estella.


I was feeling relatively good. My legs were sore but functioning. The morning was cool and crisp. I estimated that i would be done hiking by noon averaging just under 3 miles an hour. I was soooo wrong. If only I had realized that when I took this photo I probably wouldn’t be so cheerful.


So I headed out alone. It was nice and peaceful. I had my iPod music and the streets were empty. The morning light was beautiful.




I came across this bridge and I just had to have a picture. The light and reflection were terrific so I went to the road across from the bridge and just as I was snapping the picture one of my walking sticks began to fall down, through the grate, toward the river below.


But I caught it just in time. It reminded me of the scene in The Way when Martin Sheen looses his backpack in the river. Although I can assure that had I lost my waking stick, I wouldn’t be going in after it.

So I continued my walk and every step became harder and harder. My muscles are simply spent. I continued to push onward but stopped a lot. Here are the best pictures from the day.




I moved the snail off the road so it wouldn’t get squashed like so many of its cousins.











So at this point I decided to check my location and was astonished to learn I had only gone halfway. It was 11am and I still had over four hours to go. WTF, I was slow and every step was getting harder. The temperature was rising. So, the only logical thing to do was to find a random van selling drinks and food along the trail. Sit, talk, and of course, drink…water!


I am sitting with two Stephens (one from germany, the other is dutch) and a girl named Faye from Taiwan. I have not seen another black person yet, but I am hopeful.

I continued one foot after another and listened to my music. I have about 400 songs that are a random mix between R&B, rock, easy listening, rap, alternative, dance, and even a few country songs. The main group I’d classify as alternative rock (U2, the script, matchbox 20, etc.) It’s funny how music can enhance/affect your mood. The songs that kept coming up were perfect. Things like Miley Cyrus The climb and One Republic’s Good life. Uplifting and inspiring music that made me realize how lucky and fortunate I am to be able to go on this type of endeavor.




Just when I thought that I couldn’t go anymore my Portuguese friends appeared. It’s funny how you run into people again and again along the way.


They are so positive and have so much energy. It really helped me to continue onward. And thy talk to everyone! We stopped to fill up our water bottles at this church. Well they start talking to the lady over seeing the church and we got our own private tour. The church was built around 1400ad.








I finally made it to Estella and checked into my hostel. I was so happy to be done walking. The Portuguese guys wanted a place with less people so we decided we’d meet in town for drinks and dinner.



A lot of people buy food and cook their meals at night. I love to cook but I was way too tired. It is more expensive to eat and drink out, but I just didn’t have the energy to go shopping, cook, and then clean up after myself.




After our early evening snack we met up for dinner. The Portuguese guys some how got us into an art gallery before dinner.



Sarah is from California and kinda reminds me of Penny from The big Bang Theory but way smarter.



It was another great day on the camino but I’m exhausted. It’s going to take all my will power to walk another 14 miles tomorrow. The one thing I have to look forward to is that there is a wine fountain in the next town. That’s rights, a fountain that spits out red wine. Maybe just what I need to start the day! LOL

Day 3: Mi Amigos

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  1. Whoa, Sian!!! Love reading your words and following your steps. Makes me feel like I am there. Nice to know there are sunny places in the world right now as I start out the window at the pouring down rain and clouds. :-0) Hang in there! You will hike yourself into shape. Takes about two weeks so you have a few days to go but I know you will make it. Nothing can be as bad as that hike out of Grand Canyon, right? hahahaha

  2. I too, want to thank you for the photos. That certainly is ‘mi querida Espana’! Navarra is beautiful, and although it has been over 30 years since I lived there, -the sights and buildings along the Camino do not change. Your journey and thoughts remind me to examine my soul… much as those who are doing the Camino with you. Please, continue your sharing with us. Godspeed, my friend!

  3. Ciao Sian, complimenti per il tuo sito, √® proprio interessante e l’ho scoperto grazie a Brian irlandese in fondo alla foto, dietro a Sara.
    IO sono Pasquale, l’italiano, il primo a destra nella foto della divertente sera passata insieme a Estella; mi ha fatto proprio piacere vederla perch√® mi ha fatto ricordare i bei momenti anche se brevi passati insieme.
    Ho raggiunto Santiago il 19 luglio e poi ho proseguito fino a Finisterre; tante emozioni e sono lieto di aver conosciuto persone interessanti e simpatiche come te.
    Un salutone Pasquale

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