My Father and NASA

Dec 11th, 2008 | By | Category: Astro-Explorer, NASA

Today (12/11/08) I found this picture of my father on Guam. You gotta love the web!! I don’t have any pictures of my father from Guam. When my parents moved a lot of stuff got lost.

Photo: Brian Riehle

It was taken at the Agana airport on November 2nd or 3rd 1969, when the Apollo 11 crew visited Guam. This must have been when my father got Neil Armstrong’s autograph.

GWM_Neil_Armstrong_Mar_70 Neil Armstrong
Photo: Brian Riehle

Brian Riehle was a good friend of my fathers and, because I found this picture, I was able to track Brian down. He just e-mailed me and we plan to reconnect after the holidays. He also wrote in his e-mail: “This Christmas is the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 8 and I remember it like it happened yesterday.” I can’t wait to talk with him!!!

More pictures of the Guam Tracking Station can be found here: Guam Tracking Station They have all kinds of photos and information about the other tracking stations at this web site. It is worth looking at!

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  1. Wow! It is very touching and emotional picture. When I look at your father and Mr. Riehle’s faces, I can’t help but feel the joy and excitement in the air. I checked out the Guam link also. It is almost funny to see caption reads “employees and their wives”; no women employee. I feel the importance of your success more as a woman in this field.

  2. I hope you will blog your conversations with Mr. Biehle. I can’t wait to read it.

  3. Hey Sian

    Love the pictures of Uncle Eddie!
    Happy Holidays and have fun in Central America.

  4. Hi Sian,

    Hope you are enjoying your self in Central Americal.

  5. Sian,
    Did you receive my email about knowing your parents and working with your Dad on Guam?
    I sent it to


  6. Ha. I was there the same day! I shook hands with Neil Armstrong. I was 12!

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